Who Can Be Held Liable in Defective Vehicle Cases?

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General Motors recently announced the recall of 1.5 million vehicles, according to Yahoo! Autos. Encompassing multiple makes and model years from 2008 to this year, issues include unsafe airbags and even fire danger. Our Charleston personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in defective product cases. If you or a loved one was injured because of a faulty car, truck, or SUV, we can investigate thoroughly and build an effective case on your behalf.

Auto manufacturers like GM are usually the parties you hear about in product liability cases involving defective motor vehicles. However, any party that introduces a defect into an automobile can also face liability if the flaw causes injury to a consumer.

Parties involved in the following could also be held liable in a defective vehicle claim:

  • Design: For failing to correct a flaw in a vehicle before it was manufactured.
  • Parts: Along with the car’s manufacturer, producers of individual components could face liability for faulty equipment.
  • Shipping: If the vehicle was damaged in the move from the factory to the dealership, the company responsible for transit could be liable.
  • Dealerships: In some cases, the sellers of new or used cars can be responsible for the defect that caused your injuries.

If the vehicle defect led to a serious car accident, the negligent driver who caused the collision could also be liable for your injuries.

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