Study: Any Intoxication Increases Risk of Car Accident

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The first nationwide analysis of data on fatal car crashes has concluded that drivers operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) as low as .01 percent are still much more likely to be at fault in a vehicle collision than their sober counterparts. If you suffered injuries because an impaired driver made the reckless decision to get behind the wheel, our Morgantown car accident attorneys can build an effective case on your behalf.

In West Virginia, operating a vehicle with .08 percent BAC or higher is considered driving under the influence. However, according to the new study, BAC levels at even a fraction of the legal limit can significantly compromise driving ability. These findings indicate a driver could consume alcohol and then operate a car legally, but still pose a danger to themselves, their passengers, drivers and passengers in other vehicles and pedestrians.

Having a blood alcohol percentage of .08 or higher doesn’t suddenly make a driver unfit; impairment builds gradually with intoxication. Having a BAC between .02 and .05 percent, for example, still means you can legally drive, even though that blood alcohol content can diminish a driver’s:

  • Reaction time
  • Coordination
  • Alertness
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks at once
  • Visual motion sensitivity
  • Judgment and inhibition, potentially leading to risky behavior.

Car accidents caused by drunk driving are often devastating for victims and their families. After you’ve received medical attention, our Morgantown attorneys can investigate the incident that caused your injuries and initiate legal action on behalf of you and your loved ones.

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