Malpractice in the Operating Room

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Any type of surgery requires a high level of care to be completed successfully. If you suspect your loved one suffered severe injury or tragically passed away due to malpractice, our Morgantown attorneys can build a strong case on your family’s behalf.

One high-profile example of surgery gone wrong that has made headlines since last year is the passing of comedienne Joan Rivers after complications occurred during an endoscopy. Melissa Rivers, Joan’s daughter, recently filed a malpractice lawsuit against the clinic and the medical personnel who performed the procedure.

Negligence in a medical malpractice case involving surgical errors can take many different forms before, during, and after the procedure, including:

  • Preoperative: Inadequate patient screening, failure to assess medical history, not obtaining informed consent, etc.
  • During surgery: Poor communication among members of the surgical team, wrong-site surgery, anesthesia error, misuse of instruments and equipment, etc.
  • Postoperative: Infection, failure to monitor the patient or perform followup care, internal bleeding or blood clots, premature discharge, etc.

Hospitals and clinics are often represented by large legal teams and medical malpractice lawsuits are governed by complicated laws. If your family is reeling from the injury or loss of a loved one and you suspect negligence in the operating room, our experienced lawyers can take action on your behalf so you can focus on healing alongside those most important to you.

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