NFL Concussion Settlement

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A brain injury can range from mild to severe, but regardless, under no circumstance should they be taken lightly. When someone suffers from a brain injury, they can experience permanent neurobiological damage and a variety of other deficits. If you have suffered from a brain injury, contact our Charleston brain injury lawyers at Jim Leach, L.C., by calling (304) 865-8530 to schedule a free consultation.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in awareness of brain injuries in the NFL. Specifically, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which is a severe degenerative brain disease and has been linked to the deaths of two former football players.

Last month a settlement of $1 billion over the course of 65 years was reached with the NFL, entitling players with various qualifying diagnoses to payouts up to $5 million, though many of the players will be receiving less.

In what seemed to be the end of lengthy lawsuit, a number of players have now opted out of the suit due to the fact that behavioral symptoms associated with CTE were excluded from the settlement. Those who are suffering from this disease and are living with it don’t get any relief out of this current settlement given that the only compensation awarded is once death has already occurred and CTE has officially been diagnosed.

There have been some 200 ex-NFL players that have chosen to opt out, leaving the possibility of future litigation against the NFL. As of the moment, the concussion settlement has been met and there are no other pending litigation, but the possibility of a future lawsuit remains uncertain.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a brain injury, please call our Charleston brain injury lawyers at Jim Leach, L.C., at (304) 865-8530 to schedule a free consultation.