Pedestrian Danger High on Halloween

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According to AAA, Halloween is one of the leading days for pedestrian injuries. Kids are also four times more likely to be hit by a car. If your trick-or-treating ended in trauma due to a reckless driver, our Parkersburg personal injury attorneys can build a case against the party responsible.

Even when they happen at low speeds, a pedestrian crash or accident can cause critical injuries. Children are especially at risk due to their small size and undeveloped sense of danger. The excitement from candy and costumes only increases the likelihood of a child getting struck by a vehicle.

Drivers should exercise special caution on Halloween when driving at night or through residential areas. If you’re a parent supervising trick-or-treating, you can also reduce the risk of pedestrian accident injuries by:

  • Reviewing the need to stay on the sidewalk and be careful when crossing the street.
  • Setting a safe path the kids can follow from house to house.
  • Dressing the kids in light-colored costumes or using reflective tape to make them more visible in the dark.
  • Making sure masks and other accessories aren’t obstructing their vision.
  • Altering costumes so capes or other attire won’t be a tripping hazard.

It can be difficult to wrangle excited children while trick-or-treating, but preventing them from wandering or darting into the road could make all the difference in getting the little ones home safely.

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