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Joints are places where two bones meet each other, and they help to make the skeleton flexible. Without joints, moving our body would be impossible. Flexible joints have a lining of cartilage on top of the bones, and ligaments are what join bones together to help make the joint even more stable. Cartilage is a strong substance that allows the joint surfaces to move easily, and cartilage helps limit wear and tear on the joints.

The most common joint injury is a joint dislocation. A joint dislocates when the ends of the bones are forced from their normal position. Dislocations are often caused by falls and require immediate medical attention. Common areas of joint dislocations are shoulders, hips, and fingers.

A severe dislocation can cause tearing of the muscles, ligaments and tendons that support the joint. Symptoms of joint dislocation include swelling, pain, and immobility of the affected joint. If you’ve dislocated a joint, you should seek medical attention immediately. You may be given medication to reduce the pain and swelling, and in severe cases, you may need surgery to correct the joint problem.

Questions About Joint Injuries

Joint Injuries

What does a joint consist of?

A joint is a connection between two bones. Joints give us flexibility, the ability to bend and perform a myriad of complex movements. Between the bones is always a pad of cartilage that keeps the bones from grinding against each other, thus preventing pain in a normal joint movement. Each bone has muscles attached to it by means of tendons, which are fibrous bands. The most delicate and complex joint in the body is the jaw joint, which can move in three directions: up and down, sideways, and forward and back. All other joints move only in one or two directions. The human body has 147 joints.

How do joint injuries occur?

A joint can be injured suddenly, as in a sports injury, auto accident, or slip and fall accident. A joint injury can also develop gradually, from chronic stress. Professional athletes are at great risk for both types of joint injury.

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a kind of joint injury?

Yes. The carpal tunnel is a space inside the wrist which is surrounded by fibrous connective tissue on one side and bones on the other three sides. Through this tunnel run the tendons which flex the fingers, and the median nerve, running down from the shoulder area.

If the wrist is kept tense for long periods, as it can be (but doesn’t have to be) in computer work, inflammation and swelling start to take up some space inside the carpal tunnel. This compresses the median nerve. Being compressed, the nerve doesn’t function fully, so numbness and tingling will be felt in the fingers, and weakness in the grip. Carpal tunnel syndrome appears to be related to repetitive actions of the hands, and occurs in such jobs as assembly line workers, food processors and meat packers.

I was told I have Tennis Elbow but I don’t play tennis. How could I have gotten it?

What they call Tennis Elbow is a gradual injury caused by repeated stress on the elbow joint, or overuse of it. The muscles and tendons are torn by the repeated strain. Tendons are the fibrous tissue which connects muscles to bones. Playing tennis a lot is not the only way you can hurt the elbow joint. For instance, a carpenter or handyman might develop tendonitis in the elbow by repeatedly using a manual screwdriver.

How can Jim Leach Attorneys at Law help me after a joint injury?

If you have suffered a severe joint injury and feel that somebody’s negligence caused it, we can help you receive compensation for your damages. The lawyer at Jim Leach Attorneys at Law have helped many West Virginia residents receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages after a joint injury caused by a work-related injury or an accident caused by another person’s negligent actions. We will fight aggressively to protect your rights.

How Do Joint Injuries Happen?

Joint injuries can occur as a result of:

Injuries to joints such as the shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, and wrist are often overlooked when determining damages in personal injury claims because sometimes the injury is not obvious. However, the consequences of these injuries can be severe, leading to future health problems which require costly medical treatment. For some people, they can even result in the need for a new career because the chronic pain and steady degeneration of the joint prevent them from performing the tasks of their current jobs.

With the range-of-motion limitations that accompany many joint injuries, surgery is often necessary to correct the condition. If a serious personal injury caused by the negligence of another has left you with joint problems, the West Virginia personal injury lawyer at Jim Leach Attorneys at Law can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

An experienced joint injury lawyer can help you with the following joint problems:

  • Ankle problems due to slip and fall accidents.
  • Repetitive stress problems in the wrists, shoulders or elbows.
  • Shoulder problems such as rotator cuff injuries.

For additional information, please read our Joint Injury Questions page.

If you have been an accident victim, our joint injury attorneys can fight on your behalf. We can deal with the insurance company adjusters to ensure that you receive fair and reasonable compensation for your injury.

Please contact our West Virginia personal injury lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation.