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Thousands of Americans suffer from episodes of acute or persistent neck pain each year as a result of injury, strain, overuse, or aging. Problems in your cervical spine, the first seven bones in the neck running from the base of the brain to just past the shoulder blades, require assessment and treatment to prevent further, more permanent damage. The cervical spine houses the spinal cord, and the spinal cord is the most delicate tissue in the entire body. Even minor damage to the spinal cord cannot be repaired. Untreated spinal cord injuries can lead to irreversible damage.

As common as neck pain is, the cause of it is not always obvious. Some of the most common causes of neck pain are:

  • Injury and accidents: A sudden forced movement of the head or neck in any direction and the resulting rebound of the head or neck in the opposite direction is known as whiplash. This sudden whipping motion causes injury to the surrounding and supporting tissues of the neck and head. Severe whiplash can also be related to injury to the inter-vertebral joints, discs, ligaments, muscles and nerve roots. Car accidents are the most common cause of whiplash. Work-related accidents, sports accidents and industrial accidents often cause neck injuries as well.
  • Age: Degenerative disorders such as osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease affect the spine in various ways and cause a progressive deterioration of cartilage.
  • Daily life: Poor posture, being overweight and having weak abdominal muscles can all affect the spine’s balance, causing the neck to bend forward to compensate. This can result in pain and stiffness.

Treatment for Neck Injury

There are a variety of treatments for neck injuries that your doctor may recommend. You may have to wear a neck brace, have surgery, receive physical therapy and/or take medications. Fortunately, less than 5% of neck problems require surgery at all.

For additional information, please read our Questions about Neck Injuries page.

Questions About Neck Injuries

Neck Injuries

Why are neck injuries so damaging?

The neck is both a delicate part of the human anatomy and a crucial part for full functioning. Spinal bones (vertebrae) descend from the skull in a precisely linked fashion, and each vertebra has a hollow center where the spinal cord runs (the most delicate tissue in the body). The first seven of these bones are known as the cervical vertebrae, also called the neck bones.

From the spinal cord, large pairs of nerves branch out, exiting through small holes in the vertebrae and further branching out into the rest of the body. In between all the vertebrae are cushioning pads which allow the bones to move easily against each other, enabling you to bend, twist, and stretch.

When you sustain a neck injury and any of the cervical vertebrae are knocked out of alignment, the nerves running through them can become pinched, which creates pain. Nerve damage becomes very likely once the bones and pads are disturbed. When nerves are damaged, the areas of the body to which they run are affected. This might result in a loss of sensation in those areas, a tingling sensation, or an inability to move those areas.

What is a whiplash injury?

Whiplash is the name of an injury resulting from a sudden hyperextension of the neck. Whiplash is often caused by an auto accident. If the vehicle you are in is hit from behind, your neck may jerk forward quickly, resulting in whiplash.

How would I know if my neck was fractured?

Your neck would start to swell, and you would feel muscle pain and stiffness. You may have some trouble with breathing as well. A fracture in the neck bones could pinch nerves, impede blood flow to the brain, and strain the muscles which are attached to those bones.

What can Jim Leach Attorneys at Law do to help me after my neck injury?

If you have suffered a neck injury caused by the negligent actions of another, the lawyer at Jim Leach Attorneys at Law can help you receive compensation for your damages. We will assess your situation and gather information about that accident. After serving the residents of West Virginia for so many years, our neck injury lawyers have a strong grasp on the complex issues surrounding these claims, and we have the skills to fight for your compensation.

What You Can Do

If you are suffering from whiplash or some other serious neck injury due to the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your damages. Damages may include:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

There are statutes of limitations in place for many personal injury cases, so it is important to act quickly.

Jim Leach is an experienced neck injury lawyer who continues to serve his West Virginia clients with very high standards and truly personalized legal guidance. He has a thorough understanding of the processes used by insurance companies to determine the settlement and trial value of your case. Mr. Leach and his associates offer clients the unique benefit of an advanced case management system that helps with the collection of important information required to defend your claim for fair compensation.

Please contact our West Virginia personal injury lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation. We represent neck injury victims throughout West Virginia and Southern Ohio including the communities of Belpre, Parkersburg, Wheeling, Athens, Morgantown, Charleston, and Huntington.